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Internacional Advice

Losada Import works with imports from the whole globe. We take care of the whole process, from the output of the product in origin, until it's nationalization.

We work in partnership with the best companies, sea and air freight,  thus ensuring agility, confidence and best prices.

In United States 2015, the growth of imports in December, exceeded exports by 43 million dollars compared to the previous year*. The main reasons for this growth are dollar appreciation abroad and the growth of domestic markets.


If your company wants to be part of this growth, contact us and request an evaluation.

*According Brazilian newspaper Valor Econômico

The international market demand modernization from companies that want to export its products, which helps in development and growth of theses companies.


It´s proven that companies which choose to export, obtain significant improvements within the company, to meet the international market.

Losada Import´s team visits the main Business Fairs of the world to obtain information and learn market tendencies. Thereby we can seek providers and do survey of prices and products to be imported.

We have all kind of lists and tables of taxes and tax ratings, facilitating the contact and understanding of needs of each company.

We make contact with companies from all around the world.